Discover land and water

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Discover land and water

Westenschouwen, Burghsluis (Schouwen-Duiveland)

  • Aktiv/Sportlich
  • Kulturgeschichte
  • Maritim
  • Natur
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Put on walking shoes, bring a backpack and don't forget the binoculars… During this day you will explore the island of Schouwen-Duiveland via land and water! The day starts with coffee / tea and a delicacy of Zeeland (Zeeuwse bolus). Then you walk into the largest forest area in Zeeland: the Westenschouwen forestry. During a two-hour tour, a guide will brush up on your knowledge of the nature and cultural history of this impressive area. The route also crosses the Meeuwenduinen with its numerous gull colonies.

After this walking tour it is time to view Schouwen-Duiveland from the other side. In the picturesque harbor of Burghsluis, the group is embarked for an adventurous trip across the Oosterschelde. This former estuary was declared a National Park in 2002. It is teeming with birds and fish. Here you can just see the porpoise fin coming out of the waves or the head of a curious seal. During the cruise you will enjoy a delicious lunch on board.


10:00 am
You will be welcomed with a cup of coffee/tea and a delicacy of Zeeland (Zeeuwse bolus)

10:30 am
With a guide you take a walk through the 350 ha forest of the Westenschouwen forestry. The route passes through the southwestern part of the forest and the sea bar. The sea bar is the transition area between the forest and the North Sea beach, an important link in bird migration.

13:00 pm
You will board a (motor) ship for a beautiful nature cruise on the Oosterschelde National Park. An expert guide will sail along and tell you about everything that lives on, in and above the water. But you will also hear stories about the history of drowned villages, the Delta Plan, shipping, etc. There are quite a few binoculars on board to not miss anything, because chances are that you will also see seals!

During the cruise you will enjoy a delicious lunch in the form of a coffee table. This consists of: soup, various small brie and salmon sandwiches, chicken quiche, yogurt, a glass of mineral water and coffee / tea.

15:30 pm
End of program

  • Welcome with coffee/tea and Zeeuwse bolus
  • Guided tour through forest Westenschouwen
  • Boat trip over the Oosterschelde including lunch

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Verkenningstocht over land en water
  • Adresse
    Westenschouwen, Burghsluis


Groepsarrangementen Zeeland



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  • am Wald



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  • Maritim
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